Hiking Trails in Astypalaia
The island got its name from the nymph Astypalaea who was Europa’s sister and Poseidon’s wife. During antiquity it was also known as “Ichthyoessa”, due to the abundance of fish that swam in its waters, as well as “Theon Trapeza” (Gods’ Table) due to the abundance of produce and game on the island. In fact, the hares on the island were so many that the islanders resorted to the oracle of Delphi to seek advice on how to rid the island of this small animal that caused such damage to their crops. Pythia told them the obvious: “get hounds and hunt them”. The people of Astypalaia seem to have religiously followed the advice and so, today, you won’t find many hares on the island, but you can enjoy amazing hiking routes that end on some of the most amazing beaches of the Aegean.
The ‘Pardalo Katsiki’

The 'Pardalo Katsiki' Group

The ‘Pardalo goat’ is a group of young people in Astypalaia who every Sunday morning throughout the year organizes hikes on the beautiful and unique old paths of the island. There are many paths that usually lead to some of the enchanting remote beaches. Hear the route for an unforgettable experience in the hidden beauties of Astypalaia. leader of the group Tasos Kontaratos

The relief of the island of Astypalaia lends itself to outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and mountaineering.
Here you will find 20 indicative routes, as well as the points of interest that each passes through.