Discover The Beaches

Astypalaia is surrounded by numerous beaches that are scattered all around the island. The natural configuration of the coasts is rich, having provided the island with many long beaches, such as those in the areas of Livadi, Pera Yialos, Vatses, Kaminakia, Agios Ioannis, Steno and Psili Ammos, but also with some smaller creeks, like Tzanakia and Plakes! It is worth mentioning the remote beaches on the small islands around Astypalaia, which are only accessible by boat. This is where the little fishing boats and an abundance of private yachts are stationed regularly during the summer months


The Schoinontas Beach

The picturesque and quiet cove located in a small distance from Maltezana settlement, offers you a sandy, organized beach that satisfies those who want easy access, shallow waters and restaurants along the seaside.


The main Beach

This is the largest beach in the area of Livadi and it is the most well-known and organized beach on the island with various bars, cafes and restaurants spreading along the seaside. The visitors can find deck chairs on the beach, but also abundant free space to place their towels and enjoy the warmth of the sun. The beach ends at a large rock that children prefer for their dives.



One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is Tzanaki. It is considered as the beach of the nudists; it is not visible from the main road and one can only see it if he/she comes close enough to the path that leads to the coast. However, the beach of course is open to all guests who respect the distinct character of the place!

More Βeaches in Astypalea
Those who choose this type of vacation are allowed to dock their boats at the port of Pera Yalos, which acquired new infrastructure in the summer of 2008 and allows daily sailings to the islands and to Vatses, Kaminakia and Agios Ioannis. In Kaminakia you can get there also by car through a dirt road which leads to the beach with the few trees where you can rest. Agios Ioannis is accessible only from the sea and there is a hiking trail for nature lovers.
Vatses beach

wild and quiet

Vatses beach can be reached by car (there is a dirt road covering the ¾ of the route). There is only a beach bar on the spot, where the visitor can find essentials (drinks and snacks) to cool down and enjoy their time at the beach; there are no taverns or restaurants. Half of the size of the beach is covered in tamarisks and visitors can find a few sun beds and umbrellas. Most part of the beach is speckled with small pebbles mixed with sand as you come closer to the water.

Linda's tavern

Kaminakia Beach

One of the most renowned beaches on the island with the best reviews from the locals is this of Kaminakia. Visiting this beach is one of the must-do activities in Astypalaia. It is accessible by car. It is a 30-minute drive from Chora on a dirt road. It is also accessible by boat from Pera Yalos. On the way before Vatses you will reach a fork where you should follow the signs in order to reach the beach. In Kaminakia you will find two traditional taverns, lounge chairs and plenty of trees that create natural shade. The beach is quite long and mostly sandy, and the waters are deep and crystal clear. The beach is protected by the weather conditions – so, plan your excursions accordingly!



The island of Koutsomitis and another little island, Tigani, which lies in a close distance, are a great destination for a day-trip! The tourist boats depart from Pera Yalos for these islets on a daily basis. This visit can be combined with a stop to the island of Kounoupes, another beautiful neighboring islet. The area between Koutsomitis and Tigani creates a beautiful water passage with crystal clear water that can only be crossed by small boats. Access to these beaches is only possible by boat. The visitors find it fascinating to dive off the tourist boats into the crystal clear waters for a swim near the beach of Koutsomitis! You can relax on the pebbly beach and enjoy the beautiful summer sun!