Breakfast Basket

A breakfast basket awaits you at reception, for a healthy and nutritious breakfast without waiting and crowding. You can enjoy it by the pool or at your balcony.

the "Breakfast Basket", a basket full of pure, traditional products of mother earth, rich in smells, colors and tastes from every corner of the Greek territory, is expected to act as a "bridge" between Greek hospitality and the culinary wealth of our country, as a development "tool" between Greek tourism and accommodation with domestic production.

What is into the basket 
  • 25 €
  • Orange Juice
  • Two types of home made jam
  • Local genuine honey
  • Greek traditional sweer bread
  • Toast with cheese and bacon
  • Two boiled fresh eggs
  • Greek yogurt with sweet grape
  • Two fresh fruits
  • Coffee box (four green tea bags, Nescafe, espresso, Braun sugar, milk, cookies)
White wine
Wine Basket
45 €
The day ends and there is nothing better than a bottle of white or rosé wine with some fruit and some local cheese on the terrace, listening to the sound of the waves.. Wine making in Greece has an amazingly long history (right back to the beginning of recorded history in fact!) and it follows that there are many white wine grape types indigenous to Greece.

Traditional Productus Of Astypalaia

Hard and salty cheese that matures in oil that is eaten as a table cheese or saganaki.

From ancient times until today Astypalea produces fine quality honey. Especially in recent years apiculture knows characteristic flourish.