Easter in Astypalea

Traveling Easter to Astypalaia , it’s like giving your soul the meteoric state between land, sea and sky!

You let your spirit calm down in the religious immersion of the island, while at the same time all your senses are ecstatic from the spring preparation of nature!
And it is not at all an exaggeration when you see the “Butterfly of the Aegean” dressed in green . Incredible for its rocky terrain and mountains! But the flowering of the thyme, the sage and the horsetail take your breath away. Yellow and white daisies, purple and red wild flowers flood streets, orchards before triumphantly entering the castle to decorate the churches and ruins. And all so harmoniously embraced by the blue of the sea and the sky that you feel your duty to appreciate the moment you live in “uniqueness” by following the inhabitants in the customs and all kinds of habits that the “holy days” of Easter command.